Cheer & Fit Store is a French specialty Fitness and Cheerleading Shop, who is deeply commited to propose to each Sport lover the most innovative and original brands such as NFINITY and Workout Empire selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and training equipment equal and respectful to your hardwork and efforts.

Wellness or Competition, everyone has his own goals and work hard for this.

We know that it’s essential to be in the best predisposition before starting an intense training and Workout wear, shoes or training equipment have to be your best allies to support you during this moment where your devotion is total.

That’s why, Cheer & Fit purpose is based on two simple and essential criterias: Originality and High Quality.

Our philosophy: Be the best version of you.

Our team is devoted to offer you the best High Quality Brand propositions and of course the best service you deserve.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us in English at: contact@cheernfit.fr 

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Cheer & Fit
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We remain at your disposal for further information.
Cheer & Fit Team